The Glass Man Who Lasted The Most – Arjen Robben

Photo by Koen van Weel/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock (9126543j) Arjen Robben Netherlands vs Sweden, Amsterdam - 10 Oct 2017 Dutch national soccer player Arjen Robben reacts after the FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifying Group A soccer match between Netherlands and Sweden, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 10 October 2017.

One of the greatest players in Dutch football history Arjen Robben played his last match for Oranje this Wednesday night. The experienced winger decided to quit and to pass the torch to the younger members of his team.

”Fourteen years is a long time. The Man of Glass lasted the longest” said the pacey Dutch after the last round of the World Cup Qualifiers against Sweden.

Officially Bayern Munich star is retired after 96 appearances and 37 goals for his country. He could not wish for a better retirement present than a victory in the last match along with two goals scored. The whole Amsterdam Arena saluted to their favorite and one of the domestic legends.
The Netherlands defeated Sweden 2-0, but unfortunately, that was not enough for them to reach Russia. Hosts needed a miracle and 7 goals margin win in order to jump over the Blaugult in the standings.

“Normally you would say: ‘This is a very nice way to go out,’”, said Robben. “To win 2-0 and score twice. It was a bit like Dirk Kuyt’s farewell, with his hat-trick for Feyenoord, apart from the fact that he won the league and we fail to reach the World Cup.”

Without a doubt, Robben was a genuine leader of this assembly, and in the past 14 years, he was a vital part of this national team.

You can say many things about him, that he is selfish arrogant and sometimes egoistic, but you have to admit that he is one of the best wingers in the history of this sport.
His symbolic move when he takes the ball and cuts outside of the box, searching for a small space to launch a perfect shot, would be remembered by many goalkeepers and defenders. Most of the offensive players want to get closer and enter the box, but not Robben. He had other plans when attacking the defense
Everybody predicted his movement, but nobody could stop him. Fast, ferocious, extremely explosive, with rockets in his legs, Robben was a nightmare for many nations.

If it weren’t for multiple injuries he suffered, many records would be broken. But that is another story.

His biggest disappointment was in 2010 World Cup when Spain defeated the Netherlands in finals, and Robben had a perfect chance to solve the match. Unfortunately for him, Iker Casillas performed a miraculous save after one counter-attack, and eventually the Spaniards won the title after Iniesta scored in extra-time.

Many of the fans are hoping that this is not his final decision. After the match when one of the journalists asked Robben, can we expect his return from the retirement if Oranje needs him, the 33-year-old was mysterious.

“Never say never,”

Well, we hope that he, like James Bond, comes back and makes a few more moves which will cheer us up.



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