Should Kyrgios Be Penalized For His Behaviour ?

Photo by HOW HWEE YOUNG/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock (9122194cp) Nick Kyrgios Tennis China Open tournament, Beijing - 07 Oct 2017 Nick Kyrgios of Australia holds a towel in his mouth during a break in his men's singles semifinals match at the China Open tennis tournament at the National Tennis Center in Beijing, China, 07 October 2017.

Nick Kyrgios. This person, kid, tennis player, or whichever attribute you like is in the middle of media attention in the recent days. Unfortunately, it is not because he made some significant result.
Yes, he did enter the finals of the ATP Tournament in Beijing, but that shouldn’t be something special for the Aussie, because he should win some titles, not count the number of finals.

Instead of all above mentioned, Kyrgios choose to continue with his outbursts, shocking the world again and again.

The reasons for his conducts are unknown, but there couldn’t be any more excuses for his childish and rude behavior.

Following his unpleasant incident in the finals of the Beijing tournament when he quarreled with the judges, Kyrgios again humiliated himself and all the tennis spectators, this time in Shangai.

We have to say, though, that he was damaged in the capital of China, but that isn’t giving him the right to make scenes like that one.
First of all because of the audience, and second, because of himself. It was obvious that Kyrgios lost his focus and the edge after he had an outburst, and that his game is much lower than it was before.

Now he just left the court during the match against Steve Johnson. Simply, the Australian lost the gem, got to the net, shook hands with his rival, and without any explanation he just walked out the court.

Even the referee in the chair, offered him medical help and had asked if he needs something else, but Kyrgios didn’t hear him.

Or he didn’t want to.

Afterwards, he tried to explain his action on the social network, writing that he has stomach problems, and that he had, even more, health issues.
According to No. 15 in the ATP standings, his shoulder is giving him additional troubles, and all these problems forced him to retire.


“Guys, I want to apologize to the fans in Shanghai and those that watched around the world on TV today,” he said.

“I’ve been battling a stomach bug for 24 hours, and I tried to be ready, but I was really struggling on the court today which I think was pretty evident from the first point.

“My shoulder started to hurt in the practice today which didn’t help either and once I lost the first set I was just not strong enough to continue because I have not eaten much in the past 24 hours.”

Well, if nobody wants, we will cut to the chase. First of all, Kyrgios has to realize that people who watch tennis are not dumb and that they can see when somebody is lying.

His rude behavior is shameful for tennis in general, and the officials should do something to prevent this from happening. Rules are to be followed, and we mean about the rules of respecting the court, opponent, and the fans, and on this test, Kyrgios failed.

Failed big.



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