Russell Westbrook Is in History !!!

Photo by LARRY W. SMITH/EPA/REX/Shutterstock (8327084m) Russell Westbrook Cleveland Cavaliers at Oklahoma City Thunder, USA - 09 Feb 2017 Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook goes up for a dunk in the second half of the NBA basketball game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, 09 February 2017.

We became boring even to ourselves with Russell Westbrook. But honestly, how can someone be cool and inferior to his performance. He has been absolutely amazing this year, and in our opinion, he definitely should be the MVP of the season.

Once you get standing ovations from the opponents fans, you have to be truly amazing.

Russel Westbrook is amazing. Not just that, he is more than amazing. Unreal.

In the recent period, some speculations appear considering the MVP award.
There are two names in those stories. Westbrook and James Harden.

Despite the fact that Westbrook has a much better stats, his performances are always underrated in some kind, and Harden is favored by the media.
Westbrook’s performances are in some odd way neglected, and more space is dedicated when let’s say Harden scores 50 points, comparing to Westbrook’s similar situations.
Why. Harden knows how to suck up to the journalists.
On the other hand, the OKC guard doesn’t want to do this, and he always criticizes members of media, because of their provocative questions or something like that.

Is he a perfect candidate for the MVP? Yup. Is he already an MVP?
Damn right.
In the game against Denver, he confirmed that.

He dropped 50 points. He put down a triple-double. He broke the record Oscar Robertson’s and became the No.1 on the all-time list when looking triple-double numbers during one season.

He clinched 42nd triple-double with 50 points, 16 rebounds, and 10 assists.
If that wasn’t enough for you, he scored a 30-foot buzzer-beater for the win.

Game winning shot, triple-double, a record, 50 points. What does he need to do more to be recognized as the most powerful force in the NBA now?

And for the final proof, Denver fans made standing ovations for Westbrook, giving him the respect, that you don’t see often.

Besides all this, Russ is averaging a triple-double, and he will finish the season with that stats.

Currently, he puts 31,7 points, and he is the top scorer of the league, 10,7 rebounds and 10,4 assists per game for the OKC.

On the all-time triple-double list he jumped over Wilt Chamberlain last night and he has 80 of them now. In front of him are just four guys. Jason Kid with 107, Magic Johnson 138, and Robertson 181.

These reasons are enough for the NBA officials and the players to name him the MVP of the season 2016/2017.

Westbrook did wonder this year. He broke many records and went beyond any normal limits while doing that. The performances shown by him will be untouchable for a long time.
Without him, the Oklahoma City Thunder would probably wander around at the bottom of the Western Conference.
Instead, they are No.5 in the conference, and they will be in the playoffs. The whole of the America is behind them because the people love Westbrook, love his passion and desire to win, and most of all, they love his loyalty and sacrifice for his club.

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