Top 5 Moves In NBA This Summer

The preseason in the NBA has started, trades are done, and slowly the rosters of all teams are completing.
This summer has been one of the most turbulent in the last decade, regarding both draft and free or trade agencies.

Several of the tectonic movements happened, and the balance of power significantly changed when comparing it to the previous campaign.

So basically, which moves are the most important.

In this text, we are going to reveal to you, the answer to that question, in our opinion of course.

Kyrie Irving from Cleveland to Boston Celtics

Kyrie is without a doubt one of the most elite point guards in the league. His skills and his knowledge of the basketball is huge, but still, something didn’t work out for him in Cleveland. Whether was that the fact that he is in a shadow of LeBron James or something else, the problems were evident.
We believe that Boston is going to get another dimension in the attack, and also more respect from other teams, and referees.

Gordon Hayward from Utah Jazz to Boston Celtics

The versatile small forward who has the perfect balance of power and technique is an ideal addition for Brad Stevens’ team. With Irving along, Boston is not going have a defensive strength like in the years before, but on the other hand, Celtics are going to be loaded with offensive solutions. Hayward is going to be one of the crucial parts of that attack, because he can attack from both in and outside the line, penetrating and dunking on rivals.

Jimmy Butler from Chicago Bulls to Minnesota Timberwolves

The quiet Jimmy quietly left Chicago and rejoined where his former coach Tom Thibodeau. Despite having better offers butler decided to go to Minnesota and add some extra experience and All-Star reputation to the young and talented Wolves. We are pretty sure that his new team is going to reach the playoffs and that is something where Butler can help a lot. His versatility will come handy, and he is going to present the crucial player in the court and the missing X-Factor which is going to help Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins in bringing the positive record to Minnesota.

Chris Paul from Los Angeles Clippers to Houston Rockets

After several years of disappointment with the Clippers, it was expected for Chris Paul to change his team. CP3 is getting older, and after some time he probably realized that chances of reaching the championship ring would only decrease if he stays in the City of Angels. The Rockets did not complete the super team, but without a doubt, they will have the best backcourt duo in the whole league. James Harden is going to have a partner regarding both assists and points, and Chris Paul will take the pressure of the Beard’s back. When you land the nine-time All-Star, it is sure that the deal is fantastic and that is why we placed him on number two in our list.

Paul George from Indiana Pacers to Oklahoma City Thunder

Paul George is one of the top 10 players in the whole NBA league. And we think that Oklahoma did the best possible trade this summer. Although he is only contracted one year with the Thunder, this opens a lot of possibilities for this organization. Along with Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony, the former Pacer he is going to create one unstoppable machine in which we believe that he is going to take the central role. With George’s offensive versatility and extremely good defense, OKC gained on both sides of the court. There are no players in the league who can guard George, and that is especially obvious when he enters his rhythm.
In our opinion, this is the move which is going to produce the best possible results and most influential one during this summer.

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