British Government Will Continue Under the Conservatives – But does it Fulfill the Democratic Promise and is Brexit at Risk?

  • The Conservatives have set a two-year Parliament.
  • Their one goal will be to stop Brexit.
  • Coordinated action by governments against democracy and the will of the people.

Theresa May’s Conservative government has announced that it will retain Parliament for a further two years in order to guide the UK  through the Brexit negotiations. many are wondering if this is a “long con” being perpetrated on the British people to scupper Brexit and to ensure that Britain remains ties into the European Union through a deal for Single Market Membership.

The announcement comes with the news that the Conservatives will not put forward a Queen’s speech, which is traditionally an opportunity for the opposition party to rein in what the government is looking to achieve over their term of power. This is why a majority government (or a solid coalition) has always been so important in a Parliamentary Democracy: if the leading party cannot get a majority vote for their plans for the term, they would ordinarily have to call another election. By avoiding this speech, they can proceed without risking an early election.

But is this all a plot to ensure Britain remains tied to the EU? Negotiations begin today, and there is a full two year period before the UK automatically leaves the Union; if nothing is decided within this time then Britain moves automatically to WTO rules in terms of its trading relations with Europe (which many think is actually a pretty good position).

This however means that as Britain exits a new election must be held. It is the perfect opportunity for the continuation of Project Fear and a chance for the Globalists to drag the UK kicking and screaming back into its clutches. There will be coordinated campaigns running from today onwards with his purpose in mind; marches demanding a new vote, protests on almost every aspect of negotiation (most specifically on ECHR and Freedom of Movement), and all of the MSM saying that is undemocratic not to have another vote on the terms of exit.

No one in government ever intended the UK to leave the EU; it was only the people that voted for it. What should have been a done deal is being hampered at every opportunity because Britain’s elected Representatives do NOT represent Britain; they represent the Globalist vision which the European Commission is at the heart of.

As the protests begin, remember that this was always planned. They will run in conjunction with protests in America, and there will be violence started by State sponsored provocateurs. This is not spontaneous, this is not a “surprise”, it is the governments working against the citizenry.

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