What China and the Chinese Really Think of Donald Trump

Chinese President Xi Jinping has told his US counterpart that China “strongly opposes any act that violates resolutions of the UN Security Council” on North Korea. Photo: Lintao Zhang/Pool/EPA/REX/Shutterstock

  • The US/China relationship is on the rise.
  • What real Chinese people in China think of Donald Trump.
  • Why The Donald is a smarter operator than Obama.

With much media scrutiny on President Trump’s diplomatic skills, it would appear that many in the MSM are desperate for him to fail in Foreign Policy, regardless the cost to the country. But very little attention has been paid to how the regular people in China are reacting to the Trump Presidency and his policies. It may seem to the West that the Chinese government does not listen to the opinions of its citizens, but China is a country born of revolution, and the political class are only too aware that the true power lies with the people themselves.

When Barack Obama was elected in 2008, the students of China were enthralled and excited to see someone in office that seemed so different, but the love affair was short-lived. By 2012, students had lost almost all interest in American politics as they saw “all talk, and no substance”. But 2016/17 has revitalized China’s interest, and here’s why:

Trump Understands “Face”

When the historic meeting between Trump and Chinese President, Xi Jinping took place, the world’s media pushed the idea that China held all the cards and that Trump himself would be “a supplicant”. But the MSM don’t understand China or Chinese relationships.

The meeting took place at Trump’s Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, when traditionally, these State visits are conducted at the White House. By inviting Xi Jinping to his “home”, he showed the Chinese people that Xi is more respected than the other leaders he usually meets. This show of a “special personal relationship (or Guanxi, 关系as it’s called in China), gives President Xi an enormous amount of respect in his country. And the Chinese people feel naturally proud that their leader is so much more respected than other leaders. Xi knows and appreciates this (when one is given “face” by another, it is always greatly appreciated), and Trump knew this, too.

Trump is Not an “Idle Son”

The burgeoning middle class (and the rich) in China are becoming increasingly frustrated with the extravagances of the “Little Princes”. These are children of wealthy people who do nothing to improve on their inherited wealth. All too often, these spoiled “children” make large displays of their wealth with high-profile marriages, decadent purchasing, and often try to lead the “moral way” in State newspapers. But they have no respect from the notoriously frugal and hardworking Chinese.

Donald Trump on the other hand, has done “everything right”. He took his father’s money, worked hard, and turned it into an even greater fortune. It is difficult to overstate how important and impressive this is to Chinese folk. Not only did Trump escape the trappings of an “Idle Son”, but he went on to exceed everything his father did before him.

With potentially new cooperation on the North Korean issue, people on the streets of China are saying that Trump and Xi are the new “powerhouse partners” of the world. They look forward to the two nations uniting in common goals.

Yet the media in the US appear to dread this scenario. Soon, they will begin asking why Trump is not holding China to account on their Human Rights record, and berating him for not being more forceful in terms of trade negotiations (and remember, the same people only weeks ago were saying thart Xi had all the power). They will try and destroy the new US/China relationship, because they don’t want Trump to succeed where Obama failed. Because then they would have to admit which is the better President.

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