EuroBasket Heats Up, All 8 Quarterfinalists Are Known

The round of 16 at EuroBasket is finally over, and we have all quarter finalists.

We are entering the last week in the tournament, where all the best European basketball teams gathered to decide which one is the best.

Several surprises have been seen, some of them positive they are the one disappointing, but all in all, it has been one good show so far.

The first favorite, Spain is looking very good so far, and they eliminated the hosts Turkey, 73-56 after one very good game. We have to say, though, that the Spaniards had some help from the referees, but that probably wouldn’t affect the final outcome. The Gasol brothers, a still haven’t reached the desired form, but they are well replaced with their younger version, the Hernangomez.
They’re going to meet with Germany, who beat France in the most exciting game of the eight-finals. In the end, 84-81, and Nando de Colo even had the opportunity to hit a three pointer which could even the game. Dennis Schroder, Atlanta Hawks point guard, is simply unstoppable and he is the second-best scorer of the Eurobasket with 23.2 points, and the leading man of this selection.


Serbian national team looks like they are struggling all the time, but in fact, they are putting down victories. They defeated Hungary 86-78, without putting too much effort into this game and it seems that they are preserving their energy for the final challenges. And the next one is going to be against Italy the team which eliminated one of the biggest surprises of this EuroBasket, Finland. The Italians played excellent defense and won 70-57, utterly stopping Lauri Markkanen who scored only 4 points
One other Atlanta Hawks player, Marco Belinelli was the best scorer of the match with 22 points dropping threes from all positions.

Slovenia and Latvia, two teams playing beautiful basketball, are going to meet and decide which one from them is going to advance to the semifinals. Slovenia defeated Ukraine 79-55, and Latvia demolished Montenegro with 100-68. Both sides have excellent players, and their biggest strength is the team game. Of course, they have leaders. Among Slovenia, they are Real Madrid youngster Luka Doncic and Miami Heat superstar Goran Dragic.
Latvians have Kristaps Porzingis and numerous other players who are capable of destroying any team in the championship. Latvia is the highest scoring team in Turkey and Slovenia the third.

The totally opposite match up is going to be the one between Greece and Russia.
One of the possible favorites from the shadow Croatia finished their participation in this tournament after being smashed by the Russians 78-101.
It seems that Sbornaya finally has what it takes to go all the way. Fantastic Aleksey Shved was dominating this event with 27 points and 12 assists. He is the top scorer of the championship with 23.7 points and one of the best players. On the other hand, Greece eliminated Lithuania, 77-64, the team who was projected to be at least in the semifinals. When nobody expected and after disastrous results in the group where they finished 4th, Greece started playing unreal.

The climax is getting closer the matches are more and more intense. If you are not following this competition, this is the right moment to start.

If not, the Intelligencer Post will continue to bring you the latest news from Turkey.


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