Football Rules About To Be Changed – The Worst Mistake Of All Times

Football might suffer some radical changes in the near future.

It seems that International Football Association Board wants to revolutionize this game by changing some of the fundamental rules.

For example, instead of playing two halves of 45 minutes one of the proposition is to have a basketball like two periods of 30 minutes, with the clock stopping each time when the ball is out of the field premises.

If this happens, it will be something very disturbing for all of the fans around the world.

Before we start explaining about the possible changes and consequences we are going to explain to you who determines the rules in today’s football.

An institution called the International Football Association board which isn’t under the full control of FIFA the biggest football institution in the world. FIFA has only 50% of its members.

What is interesting that this organization was founded at the end of the 19th century and it represented the football associations from the British Island. English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish. But after FIFA was founded in 1904 changes has to be made, and even today the same format is applied.

In order that for the board to make a decision, three quarters of its members need to vote for that proposition.
That means that all propositions made concerning these radical changes might not be granted.

Now to say something about those propositions.

The games would last 60 minutes. According to some experts, this would make the game more efficient, because everytime the ball goes out, clock would stop. Like in basketball or NFL.

“Many people are very frustrated that a typical 90-minute match has fewer than 60 minutes of effective [actual] playing time i.e. when the ball is in play,” IFAB said. “The strategy proposes measures to reduce time-wasting and ‘speed up’ the game.”

Also, the player could pass the ball to himself after free kick corner and a goal kick. Goal-kick could be taken even without stopping the ball.
After a scored goal, there wouldn’t be a kickoff, but instead, the ball would go to the team which was defending.
One of the rules would be that the last attack is not interrupted until it is finished even if the regular part of the time is expired.
In short, these are just several of proposed changes.

In our opinion and we do not mean to be rude or harsh, these changes are one stupid thing.

We are aware that the profit dictates everything in today’s world. We are living in a society where money is above all traditions and other values.

Changing the game of football would be one of the greatest disasters in the history of humanity. The writer of these lines speaks for himself.

We’ve witnessed some pretty bad calls by the football institutions in the past, but this one will ruin the game permanently.

Football rules more or less have been the same in the last century and making some so-called ”revolutionary leaps forward” like this, isn’t a good way for making money and also trying to develop football.

Do not touch this game, gentlemen from IFAB; it isn’t only yours to decide about and to play with it.

Sincerly, Football fan.

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