Mayweather vs McGregor – Just A Show Or A Real Deal?

The fight of the century and the wet dreams of all the fans who love combat sports will finally take place at 26th of August.

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr, the two of the iconic person in their categories, will provide us with the spectacle which is probably going to change the history of these two fighting disciplines.


After a long time, we have a fight which will make the whole world excited. Something we did not have for at least a decade, because the quality, especially in boxing, severely dropped.

However, the long awaited fight tends to look more like a circus show, than the harsh combat encounter for the title of the best fighter in the world.

Maybe this is because of the hype and the media attention, and on the other hand, maybe this is something which actually represents today’s fighting sport.

You see there are many circumstances around this event which might suggest then it is all about the money and not really about pride or reputation, as the two contestants are always speaking.

There are several sources which are telling that Floyd Mayweather Jr has a massive debt to the American government for the unpaid taxes.
The speculated sum is around 100 million dollars.

We also think that this fight was carefully planned a long time ago. In May of 2016, Conor McGregor was granted a boxing permit in the state of Nevada, despite the fact that he was never a boxer in his life even as an amateur one.
This happened much before there were any official talks about the match.

Later we saw a classical trash talking over the social networks, which resolved finally in the middle of November of 2016 with a formal challenge from McGregor.

Once again we are entering the dilemma whether is this really a sporting event or only a money machine one-time show.
The value of this event is around half a billion dollars. Floyd Mayweather will receive around 100 million dollars, while on the other hand, McGregor 75 million dollars.

Some of the people might say that this is an evolution of sports because two different categories are meeting with one another and that this might help to develop even more exciting events in future.

Opposite to them, we have the traditionalists who are strongly opposing to any kind of mixing between the boxing and other sports.

To be honest, we think that this is not a bad idea as long as it is purely motivated by competitive reasons. However, we believe that this particular case has other motives. Measured in dollars.

And this is something that worries us. If everything turns into a money making events, sports results and motives will be threatened.

Dollars, euros and other currencies would be pivotal things in these cases instead of goals, knockouts or points.

We wouldn’t want to see that.



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