Are the MSM Purposely Avoiding Coverage on Pedophile Arrests?

  • Child sex trafficking is being ignored by the MSM.
  • NGOs are complicit in working with traffickers.
  • The scale of abuse is unprecedented.

The staggering amount of Human/Child trafficking arrests taking place week after week is unprecedented, yet there is very little media coverage. Is this an editorial decision coincidently made by all of the major networks at the same time, or is there another reason for the lack of coverage?

In just a three week period from the end of January to mid-February in the US, as reported by Liz Crokin in

  • On Jan. 27 authorities arrested 42 in a human trafficking operation in Tennessee.
  • On Jan. 29 authorities announced that 474 were arrested in a statewide California human trafficking operation and 28 sexually exploited children were rescued.
  • 178 people were arrested in Texas for sex trafficking in sting that operated in January until Super Bowl Sunday.
  • On Feb. 14 the Polk County sheriff announced that 42 were arrested in Florida in child pornography related cases.

These went largely uncovered by the MSM. But even these are just the tip of the iceberg. In May, the conclusion of the two year investigation into the Playpen Pedophile Network was concluded, a case that saw at least 247 children abused, yet hardly a mention by “news” agencies.

And this is not just limited to the US. In the UK, Operation Hydrant looked into Sex abuse cases and began investigations into more than 1400 individuals including politicians, celebrities, TV stars and singers. It involved abuse and trafficking on an unheard of scale yet remained largely uncovered by the British media (they did however single out several high profile people such as Jimmy Saville).

And then of course there are the grooming gangs in the UK that are made up largely of Muslim males trafficking and abusing young white girls. In Rotherham, 1400 children were sexually assaulted, abused and/or trafficked, and both local government and the police looked away for “fear of being called racist”. This was the first case of Grooming Gangs that became known to the British public…Soon after, many more towns and cities have been found out to have Grooming Gangs. Why is there so little press coverage? What is the value in hiding the truth from people?

Donald Trump has made speeches setting out his plans for dealing with human traffickers, and has of course, been widely ignored.

In Europe, NGOs are working hand in hand with people traffickers to bring more migrants into Italy and other EU nations. They seem to think that because traffickers will break the law to move adults for money, that they won’t do the same thing with children. Human Traffickers take their money where they can get it. These are not Oscar Schindler types trying to help their fellow man; they are criminals who put people on old boats that they know will likely sink to make money! The NGOs are complicit on people trafficking and should be charged as such.

Many believe that the lack of Media coverage is purposeful to keep the population in the dark as to how much child sexual abuse actually takes place. Others suggest that they are silent because of the people who would be brought down by exposure. Either way, the MSM needs to go.

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