Russian Media Name Next French President Macron ‘Gay Psychopath’, ‘Rothschild Puppet’ Hating France

Outgoing French President Francois Hollande (R) and French president-elect Emmanuel Macron (L) attend the ceremony marking the 72nd anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany during WWII, at the 'Arc de Triomphe' monument in Paris, France, 08 May 2017. Photo: Francois Mori/Pool/EPA/REX/Shutterstock

  • Russia’s biggest selling newspaper has called France’s next President Emmanuel Macron “a gay psychopath” who hates his own country.
  • Citing questionable pundits, it has declared Macron a “Rothschild puppet” and “Mr. Nobody”.
  • According to its commentary, the French ‘do not deserve democracy, paid for with the lives of millions of Soviet soldiers’ and deserve to ‘go through globalist hell’ with Macron’s election.
  • Macron’s campaign has complained of hacking and fake news from Russia, and has banned two of Moscow’s mouthpieces from his news conferences.
  • Russian President Putin has congratulated Macron and has expressed readiness to work with him.

A Russian tabloid has described France’s President-elect, Emmanuel Macron, as a “gay psychopath” and a “Rothschild puppet’ who hates both his country in a propaganda show of force directed at a Western political figure deemed unfriendly to Russia and its President, Vladimir Putin.

Macron won the second round of France’s presidential elections on Sunday defeating Putin’s favorite in the French race, the leader of the far-right National Front party, Marine Le Pen, by 66.1% to 33.9% of the votes.

Another candidate considered to be pro-Putin and Russia-friendly, conservative bidder Francois Fillon, failed to make it to the runoff, remaining third in the first round, after his campaign was derailed by the his wife’s fake jobs scandal, also known as “Penelopegate”.

The campaign of Emmanuel Macron, who ran for the French Presidency on behalf of the En Marche! (Forward!) movement that he set up a year ago, has previously complained of allegedly Russian-sponsored hacking attacks as well as fake news coming from Russian state-run media outlets.

Shortly before the second round of the French elections, Macron’s staff banned two of Moscow’s international mouthpieces, RT and Sputnik News, from his news conferences.

Two days before the runoff, hacked email messages from Macron’s campaign were released on WikiLeaks, and investigative journalists have found traces linking the hack to Russian hackers.

France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault had explicitly warned the Kremlin not to meddle in the French Presidential Elections.

US Senator Richard Burr, the head of the powerful Senate Intelligence Committee, had warned that Russia was meddling in the French election just as it did in the US presidential campaign last year.

A survey has found that almost 20% of the relevant links shared by French people on social media were fake news connected to Russia.

‘Communist Youth Truth’

Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda has published a description of the next President of France, Emmanuel Macron, as a gay “psychopath” who hates his country and a “puppet to Rothschild”.

During the Soviet Union period, Komsomolskaya Pravda (“Komsomol Youth”) was the official newspaper of the Communist Youth Organization (“Komsomol”). It was founded in 1925.

The tabloid with the same name in today’s Russia is considered its successor. It is said to be Russia’s biggest-selling newspaper.

A Monday’s article in Komsomolskaya Pravda, refers to a picture of a topless Macron as he poses for a magazine with the title “coming out”, as cited by The Independent.

It is based on an article making the same allegations about Macron, which was published by the Russian tabloid on May 4, even before Macron’s victory on May 7.

The May 4 article calls Macron “a funny gay” and “Mr. Nobody”, quoting Alain Soral who is said to be “one of France’s best [political] analysts”, a Marxist thinker associated previously earlier with the French Communist Party convicted for anti-Semitism.

Both Komsomolskaya Pravda pieces quote a psychiatrist who calls Mr Macron a psychopath, and suggests he does not love France and instead only loves himself.

Psychiatrist Adriano Sagatori, who says he has studied the biography of the French President, described Macron as a psychopath who he said would not fight for the French people.

“Like all psychopaths, he believes in his higher purpose. Macron does not love France and will not fight for the French people,” the article says..

“Macron loves only himself and he will fight to defend their fragile identity,” it adds.

The piece also goes on to say that the word psychopath is not an insult and adds that the French deserve Macron.

“They, [the French], have to go through globalist hell. They do not deserve democracy, paid for with the lives of millions of Soviet soldiers,” it says.

The Independent points out that this is not the first time Russian media has chosen to attack Macron and question his sexuality.

Sputnik, a Russian government-controlled news agency, previously claimed Macron was “secretly gay and living a ‘double life’ while backed by a “very wealthy gay lobby.”

Macron was also allegedly targeted by Russian-linked hackers during his campaign.

Researchers at the Japanese firm Trend Micro listed 160 attempts at electronic espionage which were attributed to a group called Pawn Storm. American spy agencies have accused the group of acting as an arm of Russia’s intelligence apparatus.

In addition Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National and Mr Macron’s rival in the presidential race, alluded to allegations Macron had an offshore bank account in the Bahamas.

Macron launched a lawsuit over the allegations, which appeared on websites linked to the Kremlin.

Russian government officials have repeatedly denied claims of state-sanctioned hacking or interference in the French election.

Putin’s Congratulations

Meanwhile, on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Emmanuel Macron on his election as President of France wishing him “good health, well-being and success in performing the important duties of head of state.”

“The people of France have elected you to the highest office in your country in challenging times for Europe and the international community in general,” Putin said in his congratulatory message to Macron, as cited by the Russian Presidency press office.

“The growing threat of terrorism and violent extremism goes hand in hand with the escalation of local conflicts and the destabilization of entire regions. Against this backdrop, overcoming mutual distrust and joining efforts to ensure international stability and security is especially important,” Putin added, expressing “readiness to work together” with Macron on “bilateral, regional, and global agendas”.

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