The Scandals Taking Place as Trump Visits France

  • Scandals being unreported as Trump visits France.
  • Macron turns his back on Globalism.
  • Migrant Crisis reaches point of non-control.

Whilst the American press is focused on every potential snub or misplaced word that President Trump may endure or engage in during his visit to France, they are ignoring the very real controversies that are currently taking place in the region. There are three truly newsworthy events that are happening that seem to have been completely ignored by the MSM, each more circumspect than the last.

Just days before President Trump’s visit to celebrate Bastille Day, the French authorities took the unusual step of trying to shut down the Free Press. The Paris prosecutor has called for all issues of the Paris Match magazine to be pulled and destroyed; their crime? Showing surveillance images of last year’s Bastille Day massacre in which a 19 ton truck plowed into civilians killing 84 people. The prosecutor claims that it will cause pain and suffering to the families of the victims; but is this the standard of law that we should be looking to? If a magazine can be censored because it causes pain to someone, isn’t it possible that ALL press could be shut down using the same ruling?

It is a dangerous act of censorship that betrays the fundamental principles of France. The act is political though, not moral. It is designed to keep people afraid of spreading information (remember, the same Justice system tried to prosecute Marine Le Pen for retweeting an image).

The second incident that is being ignored is that of the “street cleaning operation” that has been underway to make the Parisian streets “nicer” for the Presidential visit. Paris police and local government sectors have been trying to remove the thousands of African and Arab men that have taken to camping out on the streets of Paris as they await the ability to move to the UK. These are violent and criminal people who have made the city of Paris unsafe. There are rapes, robbings, sexual assaults daily. Women especially are harassed and abused just for being female.

Many would argue that these are poor refugees who are just looking for a home…But it is not true. France does not have people arriving by boat at their southern border. All of these people have entered Europe (and are now presumably sage from “war and persecution” and have moved across the continent to places which provide better housing conditions and state welfare.

In Calais, there is a camp known as “the Jungle” that homes thousands of mostly young African males who want entry into the UK. They will not leave Calais, and nightly try and board trucks and ferries to gain entry. Why? Because in the UK they will be provided with benefits for life and a free home. This is not the purpose of “saving refugees from war and persecution”. This is economic migration.

The third episode is that new President, Emmanuel Macron, seems to have turned away from the Globalist agenda. When asked if he thought there should be some kind of “Marshal Plan” for the African nations, he said that Africa does not need Aid; its problems are “civilization”. He suggests that instead of giving Aid to African nations, that the Africans themselves should stop having so many babies. He is, of course, right. But this does not fit in with the EU’s (and now the UN has also released a report getting on board with this) of race replacement in Europe. Was he ever really on board with the Globalists?

It is sad that the word’s MSM seem to think I is more important to report minor irrelevancies instead of news that really matters. But perhaps it I because these three cases do not fit in with their agenda?

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