Ward Defeats Kovalev After Illegal Moves

Andre Ward defeated Sergey Kovalev in the rematch, completely without deserving.

The decisive punches were ILLEGAL! Yes, we turned the caption on, to make this more noticeable, since many media are putting this behind, focusing just on Ward’s victory.

Intelligencer Post isn’t one of those media, and we are not interested in the nationality of the fighters or the political factors surrounding them, we are just into sports.

Without any hesitations, we might say that Kovalev was robbed last night.
And everyone who watched the fight could see that.

This controversial win will for sure cast a shadow on Ward’s career, and there is no doubt that the officials of this match would be marked for a long time.

Tonny Weeks is the name of the official in the ring, and you might remember it because this is the person who made one of the most catastrophic mistakes in the history of boxing.

During the 8th round /Ward made a superb right hook, hitting Kovalev in the chin. The Russian was shaken, and the American wanted to finish him with body punches. For three straight times, Ward hit Kovalev bellow the allowed area. Not once, not twice, but three times.

“It was a low blow. It didn’t hurt like I could go down on the floor, but it was a low blow,” Kovalev said. “Right now, I should’ve continued. I didn’t feel it. This is [a] fight. We are boxers. Yes, he punched me, but I didn’t feel it. It didn’t hurt me. I wanted to continue fighting. Why stop the fight? I want to continue and kick his ass.”

Weeks who is supposed to see everything and to provide fair play inside the ring was mute.
This is shameful for him and the whole boxing.

Instead of having one magnificent fight, we will remember this night differently.

Regarding the match itself, as expected Kovalev started furiously, once again forcing Ward to defend himself. Especially in the second round when the American couldn’t get out from that position. But as the time went by, Ward was adapting more and more, eventually turning this fight into his advantage.

In the end, everything was disastrous. TKO win for the Ward, shame for boxing.

“I felt like I was up, I don’t know by how many, but a championship fight really starts at the end of six rounds,” Ward said. “I could tell he was getting a little tired, but he was still in there, was still fighting. When I saw him starting to react to body shots that was borderline, I knew I had him and had to just keep going down.
“Then I hurt him with a head shot and I just had to get the right shots in there to get him all the way and we did that.”

At the moment when the fight ended, two of the judges were giving the point advantage to Ward 67-66, while the third one said that Kovalev had more landed punches, 68-65. This makes this controversy even bigger, because who could have known what would happen. The fighters were even.


One dark episode in the history of boxing.

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